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    Pat O'Daniels & Pete Snell


    Pat O’Daniels (Editor/Publisher) and Pete Snell (CFO/Tailgates) have been friends since their roommate days at San Jose State in the early 1960s. Pat was Art/Director then Editor of the quarterly “Lyke”, the National award winning campus feature magazine. Pat, a cartoonist, Ad Major sold ads for Lyke and the Spartan Daily. Pete a history major was the social chairman of their Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Both lived in two So. 11th St. houses owned by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority that were due for demolition—the Rats Nest and Lions Den. Thus the origin of the "Rat Line".

    Rat Line history

    Family. Friends. Spartans to the core.

    The first issue of the Rat Line appeared after an inaugural 1987 tailgate party before a Stanford game. Eight pages on a copy machine stirred donations for more. By issue #6, (1991) the late ATO Terry Bell agreed to print the first color issue if Pat supplied “plate ready film separations”. Every issue since 2004 has been in color, thanks to donations from friends of Sparta “feeding the rat”. A reunion tailgate was held every odd year, until San Jose State dropped the Stanford series to seek larger guarantees outside of their Mountain West conference. Two-day reunions are now held every even year. You can buy the latest and some back issues for $10, mailed First Class. (Scroll to the bottom)



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